Pre-Export Financing

The Exporter receives working capital loans to cover costs of goods and production expenses.


Performance Security

Norex International secures bonds, standby letters of credit or guarantees.


Advisory Services

Norex International offers services related to export, project financing, counter-trade and other investment activities.

About Us

International TRADE FINANCE firm helping Exporters find Their way

Norex International LLC



Discounting / Purchase of Trade Drafts

The Exporter sells his drafts or promissory notes for cash on a non-recourse basis.


2. Confirmation / Discounting of Letters of Credit 

Confirmation of Letters of Credit eliminates  risks to the Exporter. Discounting frees “trapped” cash for immediate non-recourse payment to the Exporter at competitive rates.


3. Buyer Credits

Credit lines are established for importer on terms up to 5 years. The Exporter is paid cash at shipment. These can be structured under government programs (Ex-Im Bank) or private sources.

4. Lease Financing

Lease of capital equipment on a true lease or conditional sale basis.

Norex International concentrates on:

  • Commodities and primary materials, including agricultural goods.

  • High-tech products, computers, and medical equipment.

  • Industrial/construction machinery and spare parts

We target experienced exporters and trading companies with established records of international sales.​